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i can not find a dual exhaust for my 2012 durango sxt i am going crazy!
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Can't help you with this one but since it's a new model it may take a while for the aftermarket to catch up.

BTW, I removed the duplicate threads on this.
yea i figured that I can't wait for stuff to come out. I'm in the process of looking for 22'' set 10 rims also
you are not likely to find a true dual exhaust for the v6. Most aftermarket companies are only making them for the v8's right now
Sweet, it turns out that I can provide insight on two posts in this thread...well, three if you count the V8 and the V6 for exhaust stuff.

First, for the 22" wheels Ryang was seeking out. I just finished ordering a set of 22x9.5 Akuza Lucuna with 285/40R22 tires for $1790.00 out the door, including shipping! This price included the TPMS valve stems, mount, balance, and to my door ready to install. You may find these here:

Here's a picture of them (I like simple, easy to maintain/clean wheels):

Second, Magnaflow's part number for their dual catback exhaust system for both the 3.6L V6 and 5.7L V8 is #15067 and #15068 respectively. The video for how this exhaust sounds on a 2012 R/T is here:

I just finished (literally JUST got off the phone with Mike at Pro 3 Industries) ordering my Magnaflow dual catback from them at this site:

This site ( shows the part number for the Magnaflow in both the V6 and V8 versions, but unfortunately there is no price listing as Magnaflow has yet to release the MSRP on it publicly. Pro 3 is a certified Magnaflow dealer BTW (I found them through Magnaflow's site). Mike got me this set up for $963.00 out the door, with shipping. Beats the heck out of the $1500-$1600 price tag I'm seeing for the Borla and the Magnaflow has a much beefier sound than the Flowmaster in my opion.

Mike at Pro 3 told me he would be happy to honor this price to anybody looking to get this set up on their D. Mike also said anyone is welcome to call him directly at 334-444-2942. They ship from Alabama...just FYI. Now, the SXT might be a little cheaper but I didn't ask. All I know is that Magnaflow does make it and Pro 3 does have them in stock.

Good luck Ryan, and to Joe (jkelly) should I be posting this information in other threads that you'd like to see this information disseminated in?

Take care guys, I will definitely be taking pics and HD video (got a sick HD Video camera for my birthday about two years ago) and posting them both here in the upcoming weeks once everything has been installed.

Good luck with all of this and let me know how things turn out.
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