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Fantastic towing

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Today is the first day of our week long trip to Death Valley towing our 18ft travel trailer. We bought this car specifically for towing, but it is also my daily driver. It is awesome. We've been towing the trailer with a 2006 Ford E150 cargo van. That was acceptable, but the Durango is fantastic. You can't even feel the trailer and was a total champ going through the Hwy 60 pass to Palm Desert. No strain on the engine or trani whatsoever. Can't wait to upgrade the trailer next year.
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Congrats! Nothing better than your ride meeting your expectations!
Awesome... we love hearing good reports. Glad you're enjoying your ride.
It was a fantastic trip. Made it home to Whittier from Baker, Ca in 2 hours, towing the trailer. If you have the tow package, I highly recommend using it. It was flawless. Happy New Year.
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