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Flickering Headlights and Dash Lights

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I have this issue where my 2011 Durango where the headlights and dash lights flicker all the time. Then without any warning all the dash lights go out and comes back on. So far the headlights stay on but continues to flicker. It has been back to the dealer 3 times and next week will be the 4th time for the same problem. Has anybody out their in Durango land heard anything like this before?
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I haven'e heard of this problem yet. Sounds to me like a loose connection somewhere. I'd start with the headlight switch. But that's just me.

Be sure to let us know what the dealer figures out.
After the 5th time to the dealership for flickering headlights on my Durago the dealer replaced the battery. They told me it had a dead cell. So time will tell. Hopefully this resolves the issue.
It amazes me at all the wierd things a weak or bad battery can do to a car nowadays.
This actually surprises me. I wouldn't think a weak battery could cause something so specific without affecting all electrical items.

Just in case, you should check out your state's lemon laws. If this recures, many laws state that after the 4th time or so in the shop for the same problem, that the dealer owes you a new car.
I am back with the issue of flickering headlights and dash lights again. Just to let everyone know that new battery the dealer put in lasted about 6 months and the lights are back to there old tricks flickering. I Not sure which way to go. It is going back for the 6th time for this.
I am trying to get Dodge to replace this durango for another one. If I do does anyone have the hemi in there 2011 Durango and if so how is it on gas? The v-6 I have gets about 22 to 23 on a trip and 20 in the city.
Franky the hemi sucks on gas (literally and figuratively). If you are happy with the V6 why not stick with it? If they are going to give you another car under lemon laws, you are not likely to get an upgrade anyway.
Thanks for the info on the Hemi. I believe I will stay with the V6. I just need a cat back system on it. It's too quiet.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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