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ForumZ Lanyards/Badges are Back!

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For those of you who weren't able to get a lanyard and badge last year, they're back.

Lanyards, cards and holders have been ordered. I should have everything in three weeks or less.

They are $25, including shipping.

I have a label maker for the names. If you plan to put your name on them another way, just let me know.

I will get the packages and names ready to go when I receive the payment. Then, as soon as I receive the cards and lanyards, they'll be mailed.

Payments should be sent via paypal to [email protected]. If you need to send a check, send me a PM. Please include the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Username
  • Forum affiliation (300, Charger, DSM, etc)
  • Do you want your name and username on it? (tell me if you want your first and last name or just first name)

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I just shipped 12 lanyards/badges.

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If you've received your lanyard, please post and let me know. Let's see some pics too!

If you haven't ordered one yet, don't wait. We had several members wanting these after I ran out of them last year.
I just shipped three of these on Friday. If you want one, you should get them while I still have them.
If you want a badge/lanyard, you need to order it soon.
These are still available.
I have 40 of these left. Once they're gone, we won't be ordering any more.

Lanyards and badges are still available.
These are great for meet & greets and just showing your support for the Z!
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These are super cool! Mine stays in the console all the time, just never know when you're gonna end up at a car show or M&G. :)
I sold 4 lanyards/badges last week. Get them while you can. We will not be ordering any more of these.
I still have some lanyards/badges available.
Merry Christmas BUMP.....................
Are they still avaiable

I'm interested in getting one
I'm interested in getting one
You just need to send me the payment in paypal and give me all the details that are listed in the first post.
I sold a couple more of these last week. Get them while you still can.
Bump. I still have a few of these left.
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