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Front Shock Removal question

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Hi folks..

Hoping that someone can point me in the right direction in regard to removal of the lower bolt on the front shocks on a 2006 Limited Hemi.

According to the Haynes manual, you need to remove the stablizer bar link upper nut and stablizer bar bracket nuts and it should then pop off..!

However it appears to me that you need to remove the nut from the lower control arm and remove this, to be able to remove the lower nut on the shock absorber.

I'm getting new shocks, rotors and pads delivered in a few days and having never done this type of work before, I thought I'd make a start by getting the front drivers side disassembled just to see how easy or difficult this was going to be.. All was going well until the lower nut on the shock threw me for a

I'd be really grateful for any help and for info on what steps I need to take to remove the stablizer bar link or lower control arm, so that I can access the lower nut on the front shock.

Thanks everyone.. :confused:
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It appears that after a good night's sleep, I was able to "see" the

The entire length of the stabilizer bar has to be loosened, not just at one end. Problem solved.. shocks off..!
Good deal! Glad you got it figured out.
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