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Gatty 4.0 is Presented by

Here are the categories for the Gatty 2011 Car & Truck Show. They are very similar to last year. Registration info will be posted in another thread.

Single Trophies
Best in Show
Greatest Distance Traveled (Driven)

Multiple Awards
Categories with more than 5 cars registered for the show will have 2nd place and more than 15 cars will have 3rd place.
Best 300
Best Avenger
Best Caliber
Best Challenger
Best Charger
Best Dakota
Best Durango
Best Jeep
Best Magnum
Best Nitro
Best Ram

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
Best Paint
Best Performance Mods
Best Appearance Mods
Best A/V System
Best Stock Ride
Best Theme
Cleanest Ride

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We removed the Viper Class because we don't have a forum for Vipers. The individual vehicle classes are for vehicles that have a forum on this network.
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