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Gatty 2011 Car & Truck Show Info

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Gatty 2011 Car & Truck Show

This event will be June 9, 2011 at the Smokey Stadium in Sevierville, TN.

The stadium is located 100 yards north of I-40, off of Exit #407, in Sevier County, Tennessee.

Show categories were already posted in another thread.

The Car/Truck Show Fee is $25 and will increase to $30 on May 7th. Registration instructions were posted in this thread.

Remember, the registration fee for the show helps pay for the trophies and goody bags. If you do not plan to enter the show, there's a small registration fee ($10) for the weekend's events to cover goody bags (with a door prize raffle ticket).

During the show, we will have Autocross set up by Bill Howell and Musclerides. Bill has all of the cones and equipment as well as a track layout.

Autocross is sponsored by GT and will be free for supporting members of this network. Thanks, Clay!

Show times are 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Car/truck show voting will take place from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Trophies will be presented at an awards lunch on Sunday.

Some important information about the Autocross:
  • This will NOT be an SCCA event.
  • Safety is NUMBER 1!
  • There will be waivers signed (Insurance requirement).
  • If anyone gets stupid, they're done. No do-overs! <
  • 16 is the minimum age for ride-alongs.
  • Drivers and riders must have Snell rated helmets. They can not be motorcycle rated and must have a 2000 or newer rating.
  • Seatbelts are required for drivers and riders. Factory equipment is fine. <
  • This event will be run similar to most autocross events.
  • Participants will be in groups (probably 4).
  • Everyone participating will have to help run the event. While one group runs another group will work the cones....on and on.
  • We can do whatever we like (Chicago boxes, slalom, etc).
  • Bill has timing lights that allow up to 7 cars on course. Of course, two are plenty.Bill said he does 75 cars at events every year and they still get 6-8 runs, safely. Bring plenty of gas. <
  • Members with experience are more than welcome to help out with track set-up, etc. Ride along instruction always helps, especially with newbies.
  • We will need help in tech early in the morning.
  • Tech items - brief inspection - battery secure, no floor mats or anything else loose in the interior, good brake pedal, seatbelts, helmets.........
Here are a few more pieces of information for those of you who are attending/participating in the show and/or autocross.
  • Bring chairs/tents if you have room. There isn't much shade and it's usually pretty hot.
  • Do not do any burnouts in the stadium parking lot!
  • Those participating in autocross need to help with cones when they aren't running the course.
  • We must clean up after ourselves. We can not leave trash in the parking lot.
  • The baseball team is home that weekend so we have to be out of the parking lot by 3:30.
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