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Gatty Event Registration and Car/Truck Show Registration

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We have close to 200 members registered to attend Gatty. If you plan to attend but haven't registered, please do so here.

If you registered but have determined that you aren't able to make it, please send me a PM or post here so I can remove your information from the databae.

For those of you who haven't registered for the show (paid the registration fee), we need to know your plans. Please post here or send me a PM and let me know if you plan to enter the show ($20 fee increases to $30 on May 1st) or just pay the $5 Gatty Event Registration Fee (increases to $10 on May 1st) .

Members registered to attend Gatty.

Vehicles registered for the show.

Members who have registered for the show.
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Counts have been updated.
We're up to 58 vehicles registered for the show. Fees go up tomorrow.

Remember, if you aren't entering the show.........
There is an event registration fee.

If you enter the show, the registration fee is included.
Updated again.
One month to go!
The numbers in the first post have been updated. There are a lot of members who haven't registered for the show or paid the event registration fee.
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