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Generation 3 Durango

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Hi everyone,

My names Deepwater805, I'm a ******, but I live in Baja Norte, Mexico, and I've had a 2011 Dark Charcoal DD Citadel with the 5.7 Hemi since last May. It's actually my second DD. I had an 05' that I sold when I got the new one. I liked the 05', but wanted something with a little more luxury, and the Citadel really has it. It's both tough, and soft at the same time.

I've added a few minor mods: I put in a dash kit that matches the OEM trim, real chrome 20x9" rims, and bigger tires (those plastic chrome covered rims just had to go), and a set of caliper covers for the brakes. I've also got some molded mud flaps, and a set of weather tech matts. Has anybody else added any mods to theirs?
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined us, enjoy!
:) Howdy! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)
Welcome from Texas. Other are adding small mods to their Durangos. But the after market hasn't caught up yet so they're not real easy to find.
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