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Guage Bezel Mod

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This install was done on a 2000 Durango R/T. It took about 30 minutes and the only tool requierd was a phillips screwdriver.
I got the bezel from


I started by removing the dash cover. This was real easy since there are no screws. It just snaps in. I did have to put the gear shift in first to get it around the steering column.

There are only 4 screws holding the guage cluster in the dash. Be careful, the grear indicator cable must be removed to get it all the way out. It runs from the bottom right side of the guage cluster, under the steering column and attaches on the left side.

Now that the cluster is out take it to the workbench to make it easier to work on. Remove the 7 screws holding the clear cluster cover in place.

I did a dry run test fit to make sure it would work right. Of course, it did.​

Next cut several pieces of the 3M double sided tape that came with the bezel to hold it in place. SPEEDHUT sent way more than I needed.
After the new bezel is in place, re-attach the clear cover and re-install the cluster in the dash. Don't forget the shift lever indicator cable. You'll have to adjust it so that it reads correctly in all gears.

Snap the dash cover back in place and enjoy.
Here is my finished product. What do you think?

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Very Very nice !!!!, Job well done!!! reps to ya...:D
Thanks for the reps.
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