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Hey ya'll!!! I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. I have a MAJOR issue that i'm going to be attempting to fix (hopefully)

Backstory: I was waiting in the school pick-up line waiting to get one of my kids from school. As I was sitting there in line idling, I started to see a fairly good amount of steam start coming out from the driver side of the hood by the windshield. I thought that was odd, looked at my temp gauge and it was reading normal. Just then I heard a loud "pop" and a very loud pressure kind of sound (almost sounded like a torch) then a large amount of steam coming from the engine bay. After a few minutes, and all my coolant spewing all over, I opened up the engine bay and found this:

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Rim Automotive exterior Gas

Automotive tire Pipeline transport Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Rim

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system Auto part

Upon some research I found that this part is the Heater Supply and return Hose and Tube (part # 55038042AJ ). I got the new part ordered and on the way. My question is, have any of you had this failure and attempted to fix it...?
This is what the replacement part looks like: I technically only need that plastic bulk-head looking deal, but of course you cant order just that.

Bicycle part Electric blue Auto part Bicycle drivetrain part Metal

Thanks in advance!!!
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