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heating problems

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Got into my 03 durango this morning and started it ..turn the fan selecter on and nothing ....nothing on any speed . What do you think is the problem ? Is it the selecter knob or the fan motor ?

Thanks in advance Kim .
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Check the blower motor fuse or it could be the Blower Motor Resistor is bad, Or the blower motor itself.
My money is on the blower motor resistor.
Mine died today (it's a 1998). Battery died, and when I was replacing it I heard some weird heavy clicking from inside. Now the blower works fine on the lower speeds, just not on high. Is this more likely the resistor, or the switch?
Not sure on this one. But I do know the resistor is a very common problem. I believe the selector switch is a vacuum switch so it wouldn't have been making clicking noises by changing the battery.
Ha. This morning on my way to work, I turned on my heater (just the blower motor - the heat was already on, all I did was switch from the burned-out HI which I now use as "off" to the next lower speed), and a cloud of steam billowed out from under my right front fender. WTF?

a) What runs down there that's related to the heater?
b) Why would it do that just when I turn on the fan?

Oh yeah, and c) I hope it's not going to be too much of a pain to fix. :(
Well, the box containing the heater core and the AC evaporator are mounted in a box under the dash that takes up nearly the whole right side under your dash. There is a drain tube that runs from this box to outside the firewall on the right side. Also, if you have rear heat/ac I think there is a coolant booster pump mounted to the rear of the right front fender.
Those are the only two possibilities I can think of the might cause steam to come from your right front fender. Did your Durango over heat? Is it low on coolant?
mine did the same thing not to long ago. I changed the fuse and it has work fine every since
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