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2005 SXT and a 2013 RT
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Hey all,
A little about me, been retired a couple years and now staying active in my wood shop. My Durango experience started last year with a 2005 V6 with 272K on it. Bought it to be able to pull a small cargo trailer to locale craft shows. Within a month of getting it, I sold my car because it wasn't getting used! The Durango was more fun to drive! The problem with the 2005 is the mileage... having that many miles on an engine that small in a vehicle that big is like having a pet alligator, sooner or later it's gonna reach up and bite you.
So I found a 2013 RT with 110K miles that had been in a minor wreck. Replaced the driver side doors and quarter panel and she's ready to go. Had to order an owners manual off of fleabay so I can figure out what all the buttons do, but that's a challenge I'm up for!
Again, thanks for the add!
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