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Hello All - NEED HELP

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Just recently joined to see if someone could help me figure out how I have a leak coming from the roof inside the car at the drivers side seat belt. I'm trying to figure out how to take it apart, but I don' want to do it while breaking the ceiling, etc. Has anyone ever had a leak like this? I removed the racks on top of the car, but I don't see any hole where the leak can be coming from. I caulked everything and put it back on, but the leak continues. I'm completely stumped. Can anyone help? Thanks! :confused::D
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Maybe a little more info. Do you have a sunroof? Does it leak sitting still or only when moving? If you have a roof rack it could also be leaking by the expansion plugs for the hold down screws (I assume they still use these).
:) Howdy! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)
The roof rails have 5 torx headed bolts, 4 long and 1 short in back. After removing the bolts slide the rail forward about 3 inches before lifting out of the way. Once removed you will notice a plastic "panel" plug. If you remove the plug you will notice a 11/32 hole right over the seat belts. I am still trying to figure out what the engineers were thinking when they designed this. These plugs are not expensive, but are only available from OEM. I hope this helps!
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