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Hello and first Q's

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Hello - on 12/311 purchased the 2012 RT Mineral Gray with black leather/red highlighted interior.

New to Dodge after replacing 2002 Trailblazer LT.

1) How soon can/should I be able to tow with the V8 Hemi?
--The weight would be about 4K for round trip of 700miles.

2) What do the running boards look like for the Durango, any links to picts? Ideas on cost?

3) Can a luggage rack be installed on the RT's?

Thanks for any info, and keeping the interior clean (with 3 kids) is going to be a challenge but it does look great when its clean.
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Welcome from Texas.

Generally, most people use 500 miles as a break in period for a new engine. Me personally, I don't baby my cars. I drve them exactly the way I will from the very first time I drive it off the lot. So if it were me... I wouldn't be scared to tow something off the lot.

Here's a couple of links for running boards...

Not sure about the luggage rack.

Hope this helps.
:) Hello! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida! :)

Congrats on the new R/T! :cool:
Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy!
For towing, the manual recommends a break in period of 1000mi. I recently towed about 4500lbs on a round trip of about 800 mi. I had about 2500 miles on the engine. It was fantastic. We forgot the trailer was there. We even pulled a serious grade at almost 60mph. I would recommend giving a little break in time, just for peace of mind. You can watch on you tube, the new Durango that caught on fire in D.C. pulling a float for a parade. Be prepared for 8-9 mpg.
I just purchased the Aries Nerf Bars for my 2012 RT, black powdercoated. Spent a frustrating day trying to install. Autoanything shows they work for ALL durangos,but they do not due to the trim package, be sure whatever you buy works with RT trim package, some sites to tell you sub models they work with. let me know if you find a good solution. Also if doing yourself download manual before you buy as it ideally needs two people and to be off the ground for easier install. I think I may return and have done professionally.
Welcome to the Durango Z from Gastonia N.C., Glad to have you with us !!!!
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