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Hello MOPAR people

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Hey there everyone i was online looking for solutions to a problem i am having and thought what better place to ask then a bunch of lke minded ppl. other then thinking that the Durango has been the best looking SUV out there it would have to be Dodge. Hahaha.
Anyways the problem that I am having is there is a knocking going on in the transfer case and now that i have it split I do not see anything that is obviously broke. Does anyone know the deflection of the chain or the approximate life span of these? This is on a 2001 slt. Any assistence would be of great help.
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Welcome to the Z from NC! I would think the lifespan of the chain would be how hard the truck has been run in 4wd. Can you see any areas on the case or anything that the chain may have been rubbing? If I have gone as far as you have I would change it out anyway.
I agree. If I already have it open I'd replace the chain. Also, look at the outside of the case real good and see if it might be rubbing against the frame from loose mounts.
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