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Hello to all!

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Hey there everybody! i'm about to purchase a 2011 Citadel (White Gold) and i'm very excited!:D
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i've got a 99 durango purchased about 6 years ago, and have really loved it..... but it's showing it's age...... a while ago i decided to look around for a suitable replacement for the old workhorse, but there was NOTHING out there i liked as well as my old D. then i caught wind of a new durango on the horizon, and when i first saw the pics i knew Dodge got it right! now i anxiously await to take delivery... White Gold Citadel, AWD w/ tow package.
welcome!nice choice and color of a replacement vehicle!
Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Glad to have you here, enjoy!
:) Howdy! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome from Texas.
I don't think anything out there will be able to replace my D except another D. Dodge just got it right.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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