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Hello to everyone. Been having some problems with my Durango and came here for some help. Had some rust thru in left rear fender and warrenty took care of that. I also have the ticking sound on left bank. Pretty sure its exhaust leaks and broken bolts. Am now having a problem with vibration in steering from 50 to 70 mph. Had 2 new tires put on and then the vibration started. Took back and had everything rebalanced. Guess whay Got worse. Only have 53000 miles on this car. Dont know if they might of bent something when they put it on jacks. Oh well Ill keep reading the posts for now.
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Welcome to the Z from NC! My guess is they still don't have the balance right or could just have a bad tire. Glad you joined, enjoy!
:) Howdy! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)
Welcome from Texas. Glad you're here.
I'm assuming you had the tires put on the front? Did you have an alignment done after the tires were installed? I always have an alignment done when I get new tires, just to make sure everything is nice and straight.
Thanks folks for the welcome. I had both tires moved to the rear, no change. However while pulling front wheels off to check brakes I found that 3 bolts which holds the lower air dam on were missing. I replaced them and the vibration went away. I lucked out on this one. Noticed that this suv is really rusting. Brake lines are rusting, probably have to replace someday. I also had rust thru on the left rear fender which required a lot of repair{$2600}. Apparently a bad design on the 2006 model. Was taken care of under the rust thru warranty. I also have the leaking exhaust manifolds, with 53000 miles on it. This car could be a possible lemon.
Wow, leaking exhaust manifolds at 53K? That doesn't sound right. Did you buy this new or used? You never know how it was treated if it was used.
Anyway, glad you found the vibration.
Well I live in the rust belt. I bought the car new and my wife only drove it to work and back, 4 miles a day. Been well taken care of. I get free oil changes as long as I have it. Probably stay with us till the rust gets it.. Happy New Year to all.:eek:
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