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i have a 99 durango 318 5.2. The issue that i am having is that when it gets really cold outside, my car dies. This only will happen if it gets real cold overnight or it sits out in the cold all day. Yesterday after i got it jumped at work, it would not hold an idle. Ive read a couple things where this could be a bad computer. A lot of people say that its the battery, but this is the second brand new battery i have put on it and it has a new alternator. Any help or suggestions on what to look for would be greatly appreciated!
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You said your car dies when it gets cold outside and that you had to jump it and replace the battery twice. Were those batteries tested and shown to actually be bad or were you just replacing parts? If your alternator isn't putting out the proper voltage then it can cause all kinds of problems, including idling problems.
I have bought refurbished alternators before that didn't work when I put them in. I would have the alternator and battery tested to make sure both are operating properly. It could also be that something is staying powered on and draining the battery. I know on mine I have to be careful. I can pull the key out of the ignition without having it in the off position. This leaves everything powered on if I don't watch it.

Hope this helps and that you find the problem soon.
Sounds like a coolant temperature sensor problem to me. Can you be more descriptive (be very specific) of the symptoms. ie. is the starter running but it's just not turning over, or is it like total death. does it misfire, etc.....
the started is running, engine just will not turn over due to low battery, and it is not misfiring..
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