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help please

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my truck goes dead after ive drove it for a while. dont know if its computer or fuel pump, or what it is? it cranks back up after resting for a while. any help is greatly appreciated.
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Not sure but I seem to remember that the fuel pump could cause this.
I have seen a fuel pump cause this. I have also seen (twice on dodge pickups) an ignition module cause this, which is unlikeley. Modules usually work or they dont. Check your fuel filter and put a pressure gage on te truck and drive it, paying close attention to the pressure fluxuations and the conditions thereof. Faulty or loose wires in the relay circuit or ASD circuit have been issues in the past for me as well.
Just dont start shotgunning parts as that gets expensive and upsetting.
Does the computer show any codes?
Could be.......

Does the trip computer work? does the read out for milage say "no bus"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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