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I am helping a friend install a stereo system in there 1999 Durango. I have everything ready to go and wired up fine however there is one plug that was not on the wiring diagram that fit into the factory headunit. It is a violet/black stripe wire and a white/black stripe wire with a white connector on the end of it. The only thing that I can think of is that its for a factory amplifier. Yes/NO? If so is there a safe way to bypass this without causing any problems without buying anything else to do so. Or is there a way to hook it up so that the aftermarket headunit will work?

Also- I do have power to the head unit everything works, Tuner, CD, MP3/IPOD except I have no sound at all.

I have everything set up properly and working, amp, bass cap, sub, and headunit. I just need to know what those two wires go to and how to hook them up, does anyone have any advice, diagrams, or been there done that before and could give me a hand?

Thank you
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I'm sorry bud. I have no idea on this on.
I just put a cd player in my 99 durango and it was annoying me because the radio would work but nothing else would work. The problem for that is the wiring harness adaptor, you need to connect the blue and white wire for the cd player to the solid blue wire from your harness. as for that extra plug, it is not needed for the function of the cd player and i did not get it hooked up to anything, I believe it is for the controls on the steering wheel.
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