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hey everybody

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hey so im at a stand still. i have a 99 durango and have an issue with very little heat. i have replaced the water pump, and thermostat. i flushed my heater core and radiator and my coolant levels are fine. my radiator cap though is not getting hot what so ever and my temp gauge in the car will only go up to about 170 max. does anyone have any other ideas's as to what it could be.
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Really sounds like your coolant is bypassing the thermostat for it not to warm up. Are you sure that your temp mix door in the duct is also working? It could be stuck on the cool side.
where would i find the temp mix door?
There will be a servo under the dash that controls it, not sure of the exact place. Depending on how far it's open determines how much warm air flows through. It should be near the heater core.
I believe the mix door is vacuum operated. On my 2000 the lines that go to it are under the drivers side dash toward the center console.
I would think if the coolant temp will not get over 170 then i would suspect the thermostat is stuck open.
Did you use premixed coolant or mix it yourself. If it isn't mixed properly it can cause problems.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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