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HEY!!! - from Apex,NC

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Good morning evryone!! I just joined this morning as an alternative to another site I belong to. I need some quick help and then I will come back and fill out my profile info. I need help with finding the spindle nut size on a 2001 RWD D" with a 4.7 I just rebuilt the front suspension and want to repack bearings while I have access to the spindle. I have a 36 mm socket that fits but not a good tight fit if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance and I hope to add some of my experiences to this site.
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Welcome from over in Clayton! Can't help with the socket size, are you sure it's not a sealed bearing? Just throwing that out as I had a 2000 Dakota I was going to repack but it was a 2 WD. Glad you joined, enjoy!
Thanks JKELLY,I was talking to a friend of mine who works for Hendrick in Cary and he thought the same thing. I need to do some more research. If it is sealed hub I still need to find out the size of the nut. I am old school and I don't like the idea of a throw away hub that can't be serviced.
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