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Hi, newbie from Ontario

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Hi, have not ordered my Durango yet. I have been told by dealer that the trailer tow is in short supply and will only be shipped with the upper models. As I want a base all wheel drive model (sxt here in Canada,or heat 5 passenger) I will order when the restriction is lifted. The package offers great value, and I like the idea of a factory installation.

I want the v6, but have little knowledge about the all wheel drive system. I will be towing a boat, with the boat, motor, and trailer weight, at just under 2000lbs. With 4 people on board at 210 lb. average, and 600 lbs of gear, and a vehicle weight of right around 5000, my total gcvw would be around 8,440. This would be the max I would ever require and would be short hauls 20-30 minutes, with one or two annual trips at about 700 miles round trip.

I know it's early in the model run, but do other owners feel the v6 is up to the task?
Thanks for any input.
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Welcome to the DurangoZ! Glad you joined us, enjoy!
:) Hello! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome from Texas. I hope your enjoy your stay.
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