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I think it's haunted!

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1999 Durango, 4WD, V8. The keys are not in the ignition, but in the console along with the keyless entry device. The doors locked automatically after getting something out of the glovebox. How the heck do I get in this vehicle? We don't drive it, but keep the battery charged and start it often. I know it can happen if you shut the doors with the keys in the ignition, but we learned that lesson and never shut the door until the keys are out. I swear it has a mind of it's own. Short of breaking a window, any suggestions?
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I don't have a clue but does it do it all the time or just intermittently? I know some vehicles will relock the doors after a while if you unlock them with the FOB and then don't open the door. Not sure if yours is like that or not.
Assuming you don't have a spare key or fob, your best bet is to call a wrecker or locksmith.
btw. you may have a non passive (meaning it sets it's self after a time) alarm system in your vehicle. I know whoever owned my durango before me installed one. both alarms (factory and the installed one) work and I can choose which one I want on with a toggle switch. I've accidently bumped it with my knee a few times causing me alarm problems because I only carry the factory alarm remote with me, lol!!
Getting in will involve a wrecker. But the door locking issue isn't new. If you get water seepage into the door, it can short the switch. I've had my doors lock and unlock at random, and stopped after I dried it out and fixed the leak. Usual spots are around the mirror, anywhere glass touches on the door, rust holes. My leak was I didn't reinstall the door panel properly after changing speakers; window was partly open during a rain storm.
I just love my 99!! I think we just soved all of our problems They are haunted!!! Every time I fix one electrical problem another pops up. Could be worse knew a guy with a 87 f150 that blew 2 engines!!
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