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Intake and Exhaust upgrades

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Looking for some suggestions on cold air intake and exhaust modifications that will add a little more power to my '07 Limited. I have the 5.7, and the only thing I've done so far is replace the old aIr filter with a K&N. I have been researching the various CAI's and will probably go with the K&N 63. I have also been looking for a cat-back system that splits the exhaust to each side of the rear, but all I have found are single exhausts and a side-by-side dual. Maybe I should just change the muffler. I love the deep throaty sound it has now. I am looking for simple DIY mods to increse HP, torque, and fuel economy. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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You'll find the CAI's are more for looks and sound. You will get minimal gains from it. We actually have some guys trying stock & CAI's on the Challenger forum and running quicker times with the stock intake. Can't speak for which exhaust.
a cold air intake system will definitley help the overall power, and the sound on acceleration. as for the exhaust, you will notice an increase in sound with just a muffler. id get a whole catback (or even headers) to increase overall performance and sound. these mods together will add a nice number to he hp and tq. another mod to look into would be some sort of hand held tuner. you can go all out and get a custom tune, but with a mostly stock truck, it wont do much. as for the tuners id check out superchips, bullydog or hyper tech. another small, yet easy mod would be a ported throttle body.

other mods could include:
-spark plugs/wires

not saying this is true for every car/mod, but with my truck, it came stock with 235hp at the engine. im now running 235hp/293tq at the wheels.. so around 80hp at the engine (at that time, mods included: CAI, cat back exhaust, ported TB, super chips)
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I'm running the VOLANT intake and love it since its enclosed with a large filter. I also just ordered Gibsons Axle Back System that was just released
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