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Leaky Durango

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So the Durango went through its 1st rain and failed. Wife goes out to car next morning and finds a puddle of water on front passenger floor. Well that pissed me off.
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Oh man, that sucks. I'd definitely be back at the dealership raising hell. Hopefully you don't live in the northwest! :)
Nope north east. And the stealership will catch hell.
yeah. i'd be quite upset!
Where is the rain getting in? No windows or sun roof left cracked open?
No all windows and sunroof closed.

The sunroof has a drain in it that collects water then drains down the A-pillar to the under side of the car. The tube that the water travels down was pinched so the water must have backed up.
So we'll see how it fairs during it's next rain.

Mods maybe sticky this just in case anyone else runs into this problem.
That's definately good info to share. Thanks for the heads up.
I've left my sunroof open twice overnight, both nights I left it open, it rained. Thankfully it was a light rain both times. lol
About a month ago after a strong rain, got in my car and after I started driving and came to a stop water literally poored in a steady stream from behind the roof console and ran down into the cup holder and storage under the center console and left a nice puddle. Took it to dealer and they told me the same thing about the collection tube and said they fixed it.

Fast forward about a month later, big rainstorm yesterday, same problem! Took back to the dealership and left the car until they fix it correctly this time. One more time and we may have a case for LEMON LAW!!

You spend $40k+ for a car, you expect it to not have these problems. Not a happy Durango Owner!! :(:(
Just got my D back..."specialist" couldn't find where water is coming in or any leaks at all for that matter. Guess the pictures I took of all the water was just fabricated...REALLY???? I looked up Lemon Law in NC, guess I have 2 more shots then I qualify. Just waiting for next rainstorm. :mad::mad:
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