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Left turn signal not working right intermittently..

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My left turn signal does not work as it should intermittently but often. Probably more often than it does work...what happens is, when it isn't working, it blinks real fast, like it does if one of the bulbs are burned out, BUT both front and back turn signal lights blink that way outside (to my knowledge, if a bulb is bad, it won't flash at all right?)....and, what is all the more confusion and makes me rule out it being a burned out bulb is, once in a great while, sporadic as hell and no set rhythm (every __ times I drive it, etc), it works just fine, flashes at the same normal speed as the right one does all the time....

Has anyone here on the forum heard of this before, and can you guide me in what direction I need to go or what I need to check out? Thanks...
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I had this exact same thing happen to mine. I bet if you check you will find that the turn signal is indeed flashing fast on the outside. The reason the turn signal works properly sometimes it that the broken filiment just happens to bounce around and land in a position to complete the circuit temporarily.
Change the bulb and your problem should go away. If I were a betting man I place money on one of the front bulbs being bad.
x2 what Tymont said;almost a guarantee a front bulb is bad.
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