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Liftgate lock

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I am currently deployed so all of this is from my pregnant wife... Apparently my liftgate on my 2011 Durango Express isn't locking. We do not have the proximity option but when she hits the lock button on the FOB or on the door and all other doors are locked, the lift gate remains unlocked. Has anyone see this before or maybe have a quick fix? It is scheduled to go into the dealer later this week but I was curious if this is normal. Thanks!
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I just looked through the owners manual and can't find anything. I was hoping it was a user programmable option. Have the dealer check it.
They checked it, apparently the lock wasn't hooked up correctly from the dealer. Hopefully it stays attached now. Thanks for the response!
Glad it wasn't anything serious.
Good thing it happened now under the bumper to bumper factory warranty
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