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looking at 11/12 durango

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hello Durango Owners!!!!! Im currently looking at getting a 2011-2012 Durango, Crew or RT with the V8. leather, the works. the family is getting bigger 2 boys 5,6 and a baby on the way, and the crew cab truck looks like it wont work for long, kids are growing. Im in louisiana and in my area, the price is $42-45000, and thats price is some 11 models! I will drive take a drive if i have to in order the get the what i want and the price i want. what are the prices in your area. TX MS AL FL. Thanks everyone Future owner :)
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy!
Welcome to the Z. Glad you're here.
We looked at the 12 Citadel and they wanted 47K just east of Houston.
Welcome to the Z... The wife and i just ordered a 2012 Citadel and we coulnd't be more excited. This is our first Dodge (I'm a GM guy at heart). We did a lot of research and the info on this site was extremely helpful. I havent even driven one yet since i'm on a deployment but from what i read no matter what you pay for a new durango you are getting one hell of a deal... Good luck with your hunting.
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