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Looking to buy a Durango for my business

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Hello to all,

This Spring, I will need a towing vehicle to pull my mobile wood fired oven. The total weight will be around 5K. I have known for a long time that the Dodge Durango is an excellent puller. I am somewhat concern about the interior cargo capacity.... will the rear seats flatten out? I also found out from the dealer across from where I live that the Durango is a good value. He can get one through his channels. I would prefer one with a factory installed tow package. I would love to find one for less than 5k... is there a year when the Durango excel? or is there a year that I should avoid?

Thank You
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Well, I have had my 2000 Durango with the factory tow package since new. It tows like a beast. And with the 2nd and 3rd row seats down it can carry a lot of cargo.
I have had very few problems with it in it's life. The 5.9 has plenty of power and torque. I currently have 171,000 miles on it and don't hesitate to hook on to stuff I need to tow.
Dodge Durango is the way to go with towing. There is plenty of space in all model years. I am unsure on which years to stay away from. I had a 1999 and now I have a 2012. I like the 5.7 HEMI for towing my boat which has a dry weight of 4700 lbs. The tow capacity of a 2012 with the 5.7 is 7400 lbs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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