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Looking to buy a used 2004-2007 Durango Limited

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I'm looking to replace my Jeep Geand Cherokee Limited 2002 4.7 84 k miles with a used 2004-2007 Dodge durango.

I have been looking for awhile trying to get one which has the Limited package, Loaded with moon, leather, DVD, dont need the gps leather seates and heated. Like I said pretty well loaded.

Seems I'm having a problem finding one that does not have a Hemi. The ones I located seem to have all the features but all have the Hemi.

Did Dodge make the Limited Loaded with the 4.7 engine or did they all come with the Hemi?

I have seen plenty of the 4.7 engine but they are the SLT.ST, SLX models with partial options.

I know I should not even be looking for one with the gas mileage but I don't drive far and I get about the same with my Jeep.

Any input appreciated
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I believe that the Limited only comes with a HEMI. Keep in mind that the HEMI, while a bigger motor, does not need to work as hard to push the truck. The two are very close in fuel economy, so if you aren't driving it much, it won't make that much of a difference. Here is a link that will show you what I mean:

When I bought mine, the $327/yr difference was worth it.
According to my sales brochures from 06/07/08, the 4.7 was indeed available. Can't find the earlier brochures at this time. I would think the 4.7 probably wasn't as popular in the limited being as it was the high end Durango and most probably went with the 5.7. The 09 limited was 5.7 only. Don't go by the window sticker mpg either, as they're not always acurate. I've had my 05 limited with the 5.7 for over 100k miles and it still gets 17/18 around town and over 20 on trips. Not to bad. :)
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