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Looking to lift 05 4wd durango

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Hey everybody,I'm looking to lift my rango an so far no luck finding lift kits an just a couple leveling kits. Anybody find or build a lift kit? Or anybody use the leveling kits? I'd like to know what you have, how they hold up an ride, an what size tires are you running? Thanks
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i am interested in this too, even though mine is 2x4 i would like to level it and then add 20 inch rims!!
I've got an '06 hemi durango with a front leveling kit and procomp shocks. I have looked for as long as I have owned this truck (about 8 years) for an actual lift kit. As far as I can tell, the aftermarket companies haven't wanted to mess with the watts link rear suspension. From what I can tell or have read, the front suspension is basically the same as a 1500 rams. But the rear is totally different.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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