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Mid-Life Durango

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I had been stuck in Mini-Van Man oblivion when my wonderful wife surprised my this past Father's Day with the opportunity to trade in the old van. Believe it or not she didn't have to twist my arm. I'm 45 and was feeling that midlife crisis itch. I wanted horsepower, I wanted torque, and gas mileage be damned. I had been looking at the 05 - 06 GTO, but Iwe do a lot of traveling and gonna start camping so I needed some space and comfort. I found my 2007 Durango Limited at a local dealership - low miles, good price, lots of bells and whistles, very comfortable, and most importantly it has a HEMI. One test drive and I was in love. We drove it to Georgia shortly after buying it and I felt that itch get scratched. I love my Durango.

I love it the way it is, but wouldn't mind adding some performance parts to increase HP, torque, and fuel economy. Can anyone suggest some forums where I can get some advice on performance upgrades? I'm looking for info on cold air intakes, mufflers and/or cat-back systems, plugs and plug wires, programmers, and anything else. Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined us, enjoy!
Welcome to the forumz! This forum has a plethora of info about performance upgrades, I have a different body style so I can't help you out much.
:) Hello! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)
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