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Missing Center Caps

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Starting to see more and more Durangos with missing wheel center caps. After I lost one of mine, I discovered that two more were fairly loose in the wheels. Grit gets between the wheel and the cap, they start to chafe, then they become loose. They are not cheap to replace.


Check for any loose caps.
Remove loose caps.
Clean surfaces.
Apply a small amount of black RTV sealant to the interface surface.
Wipe away access.
Let cure.
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Good info. I'll check mine.
Thanks for the remedy ,because i 'm missing two caps !
i know a better and cheaper way, the caps are made of plastic, so all you need to do is get a hair dryer, lay the caps on there face, heat the '' teeth'' and open the center up a bit by spreading them outward just a bit until they cool back down, that reshapes them so they will hold that angle and fit tighter in there recess.....because they have to be removed to balance the wheel and tire when new rubber is purchased....
if you use a hair dryer you wont melt
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