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My '03 Durango w/ a 4.7 is having issues intermittent but frequent with missing. Usually not real bad, but once in awhile, as it did yesterday afternoon, it will pretty much fall on its face, RPM's go way down to where it almost dies but doesn't, and it will pick itself back up and idle and run just fine. I was advised to change the fuel filter, but I know that is not the issue, because I just replaced the fuel pump assembly a month or two ago, and the fuel filter is built into the fuel pump to my understanding (right?) Also, within the last 2-3 months, I have replaced the TPS, MAP sensors and the IAC. So I have replaced all elements I can think of that relate to the idling or running state of this thing, but maybe I've missed something???

Does anyone have any ideas or insight to what might be my issue or what I should check out?
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Have you tried plugs and plug wires?
battery on it's way out would be my guess.durangos are good for causing erratic idling,etc and the battery was the problem even more so knowing you have replaced the main sensors that typically go bad.
May be the crankshaft sensor. My 2000 Dakota would idle erratically and mess when I pulled up to a stop. Could be your issue.
have you checked the compression? my 99 is doing the same thing, and i've got 1 cylinder with low compression... mechanic told me it tells the computer to run rich and it'll bog way down, but intermittently.....frustrating as hell...
could be cam sensor as well.
easy fix. get a new IAC at autozone for arounf 60$. its located on the same side of the throttle body as the TPS. i believe its the module underneath the TPS

that or clean the throttle body. or clean the throttle body
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