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Mopar Grill emblem on 2012 R/T

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a little change i made to my D!


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Different..... I LIKE IT!!!!!!
That's sweet! Where did you get it? Dealership or Ebay?
E Bay purchase local dealer didn't have it in stock... Was really easy to swap out.
Definately a like!!! I just might put one on my 06 Charger SRT8.
Let me know how it works out.. I've also got a 06 SRT8 but it's a Magnum.
I ordered mine. If it fits I'll post a pic.
I did that too! Love it! I debadged and threw on a red challenger rt badge too
I put my mopar emblem in place of my SRT grill badge the other day. I love it. I'd post pics but it's just too dirty right now.
Now the only thing that says SRT on my car is the custome plates. lol
Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
When you changed out the badges did you take off your grill or just reached behind the grill to do it? Got the same MOPAR badge for my Birthday while I was deployed for my SRT, then I was thinking of putting on my RAM and since I don't have her no more... been thinking about replacing the Dodge one for the MOPAR one.
I took a look at the new Dodge badge that I have on mine and I couldn't fig out how to take it off. It doesn't look like it stays on there like the SRT, MOPAR, and R/T grille badges
Also, the MOPAR '11 badge that I have... I tried to install it and it would not fit.
No one responded to the how to's other have put up on the install... I have just ordered this badge for my 2013 rt any pointers on the disassemble and reassemble??
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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