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muffler off

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hello every one i have a 2004 dodge durango and i took off the muffler off from the bigger muffer that is under the truck and would like to know if i did any harm and should i put it back can i leave it on untill i need a smog check
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I am assuming that you either removed the muffler or the resonator. Neither should have anything to do with a smog check. Catalytic converter is a different story.
Sounds like the resonator is what you took off. No problem. Smog check will be ok.
which if you don't live in Cali you'll be fine as far as smog test go. I live in NC and we dont have smog test. It's just the emissions. Even if you cut your cat off you still shouldn't have any trouble. I cut my cat out of my 00 Rango. Knock on wood i haven't had any trouble. But grant your MPG go down so much. I would highly suggest a high flow cat and no muffler sounds good! Running dual from a Y split thats what im looking into doing. But as far as no muffler the truck should pass inspection fine with no muffler.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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