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My 98 Black Beauty

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My baby, My first car, My life. Trying to murder it out
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very nice!check out my murdered out rango.
Very nice in deed. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks guys. This weekend im going to debadge it, and have my buddy help me install some HIDs and Im looking for some good one piece headlight covers that were probably gonna smoke too, so if anyone knows of anything special besides eBay? Then I'd love to know. Then from there I'm focusing on the interior. And in the end I'm hoping to find some nice black 20"s or 22"s.
instead of headlight covers,how about the black or smoked headlights?
Yeah I'm sorry that's what I meant like the plastic piece. The headlight itself, idk what exactly to call them? My buddy used Nite Shades on his and did them really good, They looked excellent and the last sanding, But I want a one piece cover instead of the two pieces that are on it now
Night Shades looks good. But it doesn't hold up well against the heat of the headlights.
My friend used vinyl on his rsx and it's been great! Anybody kno if they have this stuff for rangos?
i had my taillights professionally smoked.
I used night shades on my wife's Charger headlights and it didn't hold up well at all. Used vinyl on the fogs and that melted also. So we went back to clear lenses. The night shades works great on the tails though since they don't get as hot.
check out does all kinds of lights and he's very good.i've had my tinted tails and marker lights for 4 years and they still look like they were just done.
Hm... Makes sense. I'm probably just gonna find a good hid kit an leave them then. Lol
Thanks I'll check into that right now
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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