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MyGiG or Lockpick Questions

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Hey guys I am picking up my Durango soon with the mediacenter 430 headunit in it and want to use the dvd while in motion feature by installing a MyGig or Lockpick. I know it is illegal so please spare me that argument. I was wondering if anyone has done this? How easy it is? Any issues? Also i have a rear view camera so what happens when I am playing a DVD and then reverse? Does it cut the movie off and go to the rear view camera (What i would like to happen) or does it just stay with the movie?

Thanks for your help!
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Sorry I don't have any experience with the lockpick. Hopefull someone will be able to help you soon.
My guess is regardless what you do, the rear view camera would override when the car is in reverse. Then again, if you can override the video display while drive, maybe you could override it in reverse. Just don't drive behind me when you're watching ;-) Good luck.
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