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2019 R/T
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Hello! I am new for the forum as well as new to my 2019 Durango R/T... love it. Replaced my 300S so I am partial to the 5.7L muscle.
My question is I want to add a sub. My problem is searching the forum, internet and hitting up stereo shops I CANNOT get a straight answer about what wires to tap into for my LOC. I don’t want to tear doors and other panels apart to get wire colors as I’m not ready to replace stock speakers.
Does ANYBODY have a wiring diagram or specific wire colors I can tap into. I have seen on the forum people tapping into front tweeters, other say the mids, I’ve seen even tapping into the sub wiring in the back.
It is leaving me very frustrated so if anyone can help me I would be very grateful !
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