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New and need a little help

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Hola, well my handle here is seank078, i've been a GM guy my whole life but the deals i get while deployed to the Stan had me looking into the 2012 durango. I'm looking at ordering a Citadel in Feb for the wife. You can bet we're going to get the Hemi and the AWD, the only question i have has to deal with the tow package. I've read alot of great things about the ride of this beast i just don't know if the auto level that comes with it will mess with the feel that comes stock... Any info on this would be awesome.
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Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy!
Welcome and THANKS for your service. I dont think it will matter much my 2012 RT rides and handles like a dream, I havent towed with it yet. Get it and enjoy it.
Thanks for the welcome and the info. I've been reading thru this board for a while before i joined... I'm more than a little stoked to get my hands on my first Dodge.
The auto leveling rear actually improves handling while towing.
I have a 2 wd r/t. Recently towed over 700 miles. We actually forgot the trailer was there while on the freeway. Pulled over the Cajon Pass in Ca at almost 60mph. The tow/haul button is great. Going down grades, the trani would actually downshift without touching the breaks. We were towing about 4500lbs and it was effortless.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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