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New From North Carolina

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Hey guys my names Chris I have a silver 2000 Dodge Durango that I plan on adding a 3 inch body lift to.

I had some questions:

What would be the biggest tire I could fit with the body lift?

What kind of mufflers would you suggest?

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Welcome to the DurangoZ from Clayton, your neighbor!
:) Hello! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
yea i live right next to Clayton! Right here in Apex
Welcome from Texas.
I answered your tire question in one of your other posts. As for the mufflers.. I went with a Flowmaster Turbo muffler on mine. Dodge pretty much kept me from going dualed because of the single notch in the rear bumper.
The turbo muffler sounds pretty good for a single muffler.
alright il check one of the other post. As for mufflers thanks il check them out that sounds good to me.
Welcome from Kannapolis!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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