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New Guy from the East Coast

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How's it going everyone?

I don't actually have a durango yet, but I am in the market for one soon. I have decided to buy a used durango, probably 2002-2003 year model, as an additional vehicle for when it snows and for the ability to tow stuff.

Does anyone have any input or opinions on going with the 4.7 versus the 5.9 engine? I may have to tow a trailered car occasionally, so the 5.9 may appear to be the best option. However, I have read the 4.7 make almost as much power and is more refined due to the overhead cams and such. Would the 4.7 with a cold-air intake and a cat-back exhaust perform as well towing?

Any input is appriciated.

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Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! I had a 2000 Dakota with the 4.7 engine. Plenty of power, don't think you'll have an issue with towing a vehicle unless it's a large one.
:) Hello! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome from Texas.

I have a 2000 Durango with the 5.9. Let me tell you, I haven't found anything I couldn't pull yet. I've put thousands of miles on mine pulling travel trailers and trailerd vehicles. I would go with the 5.9 but that's just me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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