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New here but an old Durango head.

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Hi Everyone I would like to interduce my self. The name is Fred. I bought my Durango off the floor in 2000, Its the 4.7L SLT 4X4. I just got done swapping a USED 90K mile motor into him about a month ago. The chassie has 170k. This truck has been driven from D.C our nations capital to Guanaguato Mexico, just lets say central Mexico "TEN TIMEs". My next trip is in one week with the new motor. I've done just about everything to this bad boy and it feels grate. I was having trans shutter and shifting tweeks right after the swap that I belive it was from the original cat back so I swapped the 02 sensors and "CAT" it did not fix the problem. For about two years "Two years ago" I was putting used 02 sensor just about everyweek and they would fri right up and I would burn the crap out of gas like nothing everseen before. The under powerd engine I pulled out was knocking and would throw just about every color smoke from the exhaust. I had plan to rebuild but then said screw it Ill just put a new Used more powerful less miles motor in. After the compleat tune up The Trans shutter stopped but last night he over heated on me witch I am real grateful it happend here now versis somewere out in TX. The radiator has a hole and I am looking for one locally at the moment but I'm trying to figuer out what a MAXCOOL radiator is. IDK AND O well Thanks for taking the time to read this if you do lol I'm glad to be back into fourms. I used to Live on the Subaru Forums back when I built an 2002 JDM Bugeye STI but thats a whole other story.;)
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:) Howdy Fred! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Glad you joined us, enjoy!
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