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New kid on the block

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Ordered new 2011 Crew Hemi the first of March and it finally came in around the first of June. But could not pick it up since a module was not working. It said the gas tank was close to empty, but the dealer had just filled it up. Three days later I was able to take it home. Quite an impressive vehicle. The only question I have is, "why does the gas gauge move faster than the speedometer?"

I signed up to hear what others are experiencing and saying about this vehicle.
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i have no experience with the the gen3 durango,but welcome to the forum anyways.:)
Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy!
:) Hello! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome to the forum. As for MPG, the HEMI is adaptive so the more consistently you drive and the less you get on it and let the MDS keep you in 4 cylinders, the better the mileage. At least that's how it was for the Chargers, the first 1500 miles, the car was still learning you and the driver was trying to tame the hemi lol.
Welcome from Texas. The biggest reason for poor milage is a heavy foot. lol I don't think there's a cure for that one.
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