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new owner

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Hey just checking towing capacity on my new 2011 AWD Durango Crew without the factory tow package. Dodge site says 5000 LBS but the owners manual says 3500. Big difference especially since most literature shows 6200 lbs. I'll never need 6200 but I might need 5000. Dealer says its $586 to install a hitch. Aftermarket hitches are about $170 + wiring harness on several sites. Question is, will the aftermarket hitch perform as well as the dealer installed version? (I'm thinking they will be the same). Also and most important is towing limited to 3500 or 5000 w/o factory tow pkg??

So far we've put 600 miles going to the beach and back and are really impressed.
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Welcome to the Z from Raleigh! Your owners manual should have the details on the towing and that will depend on hitch type, engine size, etc. Hitches come in different classes and the price increases with the classification. I know that the tow packages I've gotten on my old Dakota & Ram had the class III hitch with additional cooling for the transmission & power steering. If it were me and it's a brand new vehicle I would tell the dealer what weight I was going to haul and have them install the parts needed to support that. That way you should not have a warranty issue if you were to install a hitch yourself and burn your transmission up due to overloading . Just my thinking.
:) Howdy! Welcome to DurangoZ from SW Florida :)
Welcome to the Z from Texas.
I agree with jkelly. I would go with the factory option myself. The addition of the tranny and power steering coolers is critical for maximum tow capacity.
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