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New R/T Pics, Redline Red, Custom engine cover

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Just some pictures of the ride. Used it go hunting the past weekend to tow the trailer, So its pretty dirty and dusty in the pictures. More pictures to come soon.

I painted the engine cover when it was on my challenger, since the challenger is gone but I saved the engine cover and it fits the Durango with a little muscling Just the first modification of hopefully many to come. The R/t logo on the front didn't come on the truck so its not in all the pictures.

Let me know if the pictures don't work, not too sure the best way to post them.

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didn't work, will post them soon
sorry some of them are so small its the only way I could attach them.

Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Car Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Automotive side marker light Land vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Plant

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window
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That's a nice ride right there. Cudos on the custom engine cover.
Very nice! Gave you a little help with those pics!
Thanks for the help with the pictures, and thanks for the compliments, that engine cover took a long time to do.
You're welcome. I understand about the engine cover, yours is almost exactly as mine except I did not add the mesh. I ended up removing the chrome strips since they kept coming loose and painting them.
Nice pics! What other mods are you planning for her?
Yeah the mesh I copied from someone, I used model testor's paint for the stripes, its been holding up pretty well.

My future plans aren't too crazy, next is probably painting the brakes, not sure what color, red might not look good unless it is a close match, black maybe? If I do black rims in the future I will probably make the brakes red.

I am also looking into exhaust combos with a possibility of headers. Cold air intake, and maybe a tune. Little ambitious so I'll see as the money comes.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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