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new to the site

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just got my first durango about 3 months ago, hopefully i have better luck with it than my family had with dodges.
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:) Howdy! Welcome to Durango Z from SW Florida :)
Welcome to the DurangoZ from NC! Glad you joined us, enjoy!
Welcome to the site lets hope so
The new Durango's are sweet, let's hope the luck changes... Welcome!
Well mine is a 99 so its not exactly new, I bought a 97 neon when I was 15 but I never got to drive it because my brother hit a deer and totaled it on the way to my sisters wedding:(.
Welcome! To be fair to that Neon... it didn't stand a chance! ;-) Glad you are here!
Or maybe it was the fact that my brother was driving 65 at 5am in the fog? Maybe if he knew that he couldnt drive as fast in the dark when its foggy he wouldnt have hit the deer. And it really sucks that I never got to drive it! At least a deer wouldnt do much to my durango:D
Hello<New member here too. I'm hoping the tech section is worth signing up for.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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