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newbi to durango forum in Washington

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Hello All,

I just bought my second new Dodge. The first is a 2005 Ram 2500 Diesel/Laramie four door. We still have it, it has about 70,000 miles now. It has front end level kit, Fierce tires on chrome rims, toneau, locking tailgate, LED lights in the bed etc. I use it to tow my fifth wheel and boat. Now to the nes add to the stable: Just bought a new 2012 Durango R/T. It is black on black. The only mod to it is tinted fronts to match the rest. I plan to powdercoat the wheels black, and add R/T stripes to the hood.

I love the Durango, It is about 4 weeks old now and has 4000 miles on it. All road trips. I didn't think the adaptive cruise control was worth the price, but after using it I love it. Really cool. The sound is awesome from the pipes. The only downside is my wife knows readily when I am wasting gas! The Navigation is not nearly as user friendly as my Tom Tom, and the home address keeps self deleting.

Ride is smooth and stable, handles really well, (my daily car is an '06 Audi A-4 with an eibach pro-kit suspension so I have a good reference). Body roll is at a minimum which really makes the Durango feel like a smaller car. Really quiet on the highway with just a bit of wind noise from the side mirrors. All in all, a great car. I just went through Snoqualmie pass twice last weekend. Storm warning, compact snow and ice on the roadway, the Durango never noticed!
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Welcome I just got mine last week too, 2012 black on black sxt :) Wow, only 70,000 on your 05? I guess its hard to keep me off the road, I just gave my last caliber to my mom it had 130,000 miles on it that was an 07. Currently my new Durango has a little over 800 miles on it, And I just got it last weds. night :/ I'm trying to take it easy but I just have too many errands to run!
Welcome from Texas. Glad to have you here.
Welcome to the Z from NC! Glad you joined, enjoy!
Welcome from NC!! I got my Durango 3 weeks ago, love it!
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